Institute Features at a Glance
AI Based Lead Automation
  1. Our AI based program can read the lead data from various sources like JustDial, Siksha, Sulekha, Facebook etc.
  2. Your lead data will be pulled every one mintue automatically.
  3. Custom email and sms will be sent from the system as soon as new lead arrives.
AI Based Lead Prediction
  1. Based on your history, our AI will categories the leads into Hot, Warm and Cold leads.
  2. AI algorithim will keep refining based on your inputs.
  3. Institutes can first focus on Hot and Warm leads and hence gets more conversion.
Lead Tracking
  1. Track how your team is progressing with leads.
  2. Follow up, May Visit, Post Visit reminders.
  3. Categorize leads into Hot, Warm and Cold leads.
Payment and Batch Tracking
  1. Track pending payments of the candidates.
  2. Generate payment receipts for the payments.
  3. Payment reminders to students and institute team.
Job Assistance
  1. Job assistance determines your future business.
  2. Create job and send job details to placement ready candidates.
  3. Track how many job opportunities were sent to each candidates.
Frenchies Model
  1. Track your frenchies leads using our frenchies model.
  2. Track their payments and generate payment receipts.
  3. Real time cordination between main center and frenchies.
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