Number of walkins are getting difficult since traditionalway of promotions are not working any more.

Current generation wants all the detail on their mobile to make right decisions.

There are lots of inefficiencies in how lead are chased and managed.Counsellors are not stable and often lots of lead data and money is wasted.

Institute model at a Glance

Automated Invitation


  • Automated Email and SMS integration to enquiries from JustDial, Sulekha, Shiksha, Yet5
  • No dependency on the Counsellor for Email and SMS
  • Candidate receives embedded Coupon code
  • Candidate can also participate in optional scholarship test
Hot and Cold Lead


  • Leads can be segregated as hot and cold leads
  • Institute receives SMS for hot leads
  • Institute can decide call priority based on lead type
Lead Tracking


  • Counsellors can login to admin portal and update lead status
  • Updating status will give real time visibility to institute head
  • Excel export of real time lead status can be taken
Discount Coupan


  • Institutes can decide different kinds of coupon codes
  • Coupon codes are sent in the automated Email and SMS
  • Coupon codes are time bound to attract more walkins
Payment and Batch


  • Easy user interface to create batches for admitted candidates
  • Institutes can put agreed payment instalments dates
  • Automated SMS and Email reminders will be sent if payment is not made
  • Same UI can be used to publish batch information for example: Training cancelled today
Counsellor Model


  • Often counsellors are not stable
  • Institutes can pick dedicated or shared counsellors from our pool
  • During peak time, avail dedicated and then move to shared counsellor and save cost
  • Institutes receives daily status report on excel and can track from admin login also
  • Our team runs analytics every 3 weeks to point out gaps in current model and work with institutes to fix all these gaps
Automated Invitation

Create Professional Invoices in Seconds

With ConceptNinjas, create professional-looking invoices complete with your own logo. When you’re ready, simply print off your invoice or email it to your client in a snap.

  • Accept credit cards on your invoices
  • Know when your invoice is viewed
  • Keep tabs on your invoices from wherever
Hot and Cold Lead

Capture Your Expenses Effortlessly

Instantly see how much you’re spending by capturing expenses from your desk. Say goodbye to that shoebox once and for all.

  • Log expenses in seconds
  • Track spending with expense reports
  • Attach receipt photos in a flash
Lead Status

Collaborate Seamlessly with Your Team

Up your team’s efficiency by bringing everyone together in ConceptNinjas. You can easily share files and give feedback, making it a cinch to work together like a well-oiled machine.

  • Keep tabs on project progress
  • Upload and share files
  • Get speedy feedback from your team
Discount Coupan

Get Paid Faster with Online Payments

With ConceptNinjas, you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Clients can pay you right from your invoice—even on their mobile device.

  • Make it easy for clients to pay
  • Skip the trip to the bank (woot!)
  • Get paid in days not weeks (double woot!)
Visa MasterCard American Express
Payment and Batch

Know Your Numbers at a Glance

Keep a better eye on the bottom line with standard business reports, such as Profit & Loss, that you can share with your accountant.

  • Know exactly how much you’re making vs. spending
  • Easily keep track of what you’re owed
  • Take the guesswork out of your financials
Counsellor Model

Know Your Numbers at a Glance

Keep a better eye on the bottom line with standard business reports, such as Profit & Loss, that you can share with your accountant.

  • Know exactly how much you’re making vs. spending
  • Easily keep track of what you’re owed
  • Take the guesswork out of your financials

Put Your Business in the Palm of Your Hand

Check in on your business wherever you are with FreshBuddy for iOS.

Built to help Increase walkins and reduce manual inefficiencies


Institutes have lots of inefficiencies resulting in less walkins. We aim to solve these inefficiencies using technology. All your leads receive automated custom Email and SMS with no manual intervention. All lead data automatically is shown in the admin screen and lead status tracking can be done in real time with zero lead spilling and controlled workflow. Payment reminders and batch management is also technically built to avoid manual inefficiencies

Real time tracking

Institutes heads are too busy maintaining operational issues and have to rely on their employees for lead tracking maintaining multiple excels and end result is lots of lead data and money go waste. We provide intuitive UI where counsellors are asked to update status and they can export daily status easily in excel and heads can randomly check data. Single centralized tracking system will result into more disciplined work culture hence more walk-ins

Counsellor pool

Counsellor pool: One of the “biggest problems” an institute faces is unstable and inefficient counsellors hence we created stable and intelligent counsellor pool for you. We aim to provide stability and cost reduction. During your peak time you can hire dedicated counsellor and then move to shared counsellor to reduce cost. Try our counsellor model “absolutely free for 5 days” to make decision

Designed Exclusively for Small Business Owners

Easy to Use

ConceptNinjas is simple and intuitive, so accounting isn’t intimidating. Meaning you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time on the work you enjoy.

Save Time

ConceptNinjas helps you save time by automating the bulk of your invoicing and removing the unnecessary clutter of other accounting solutions.

Get Organized

ConceptNinjas helps you get organized and get paid. Plus, keeping tabs on your small business finances is a cinch with everything securely stored in one place.

Institute owner love to associate with conceptninjas

We refer

“Excellent concept and very innovative team. CN understands the latest trends and provides lot of flexibility to customers to achieve their objectives. I would like to specially thanks to Abhay. Keep it up..!”

Ritesh Sharma, Managing Director of 3RI Technologies Pvt Ltd

We refer

I am extremely happy so far the ways walk-ins are happening considering it is our second month. ConceptNinjas counsellor (Priyanka) is doing a great work and I can see management is also getting involved closely. I am very positive about this and I am sure it will help me increase my business.

Ketan Jobanputra, Director (STC)Paratussystems