Screening Features at a Glance
Handcrafted Tests as per your JD
  1. HR will send us the job description for the desired candidates.
  2. Our team will handcraft the test based on job requirement.
  3. Test will be reviewed by Corporate and now ready to be used.
Invite Candidates
  1. HR team invites candidte individually from UI or in bulk by excel import.
  2. Candidate receives SMS and email briefing about the corporate and link for the test.
  3. Candidate reads and understands that test link will work only for one attempt.
Candidates takes test
  1. Candidate receives custom Email and SMS notification for the test
  2. Candidate clicks the link and starts the test. The test runs on full screen to avoid cheating.
  3. Candidate submits the test and provides feedback.
Completion Alerts
  1. Post submisstion of test, candidate will receive acknowledgement email.
  2. HR team will receive an email and sms notiffication as soon as candidate submits test.
  3. The notiffications can be configured to be sent to many people in recruitment team.
Filter and Invite for Code Pairing
  1. HR can perform analysis based on each section and can also run comparative analysis of performance.
  2. HR team schedules the next round of pairing to selected few candidates from the platform.
  3. Candidate and interviewer will login to the platform and will start virtual pair screening session.
Performance Report
  1. Recruitement team will login to the platform and can look at feedback from interviewer.
  2. Based on first and second round, recruitement team will sechdule HR and salary negotiation round.
  3. Candidates will receive notification from the system about the next step.
Make hiring efficient, cost effective and faster as compared to traditional hiring
ConceptNinjas Platform is simple and intuitive. Test creation using our libraries is self-explanatory. If needed our technical team will handcraft test for you and in no time you will be inviting candidates for screening.
Manual screening has lot of inefficiencies and variables. Screening depends on interviewer mood and at times asks non related questions. With our Platform test are designed & reviewed by technical experts. Being automated removes all inefficiencies of manual hiring. Hiring is more scientific and less on feelings.
Cost Saving
In traditional method atleast team of 6 persons go for campus hiring of 2 days which can cost upto 4 lacs per drive. With our plat- form you need half manpower and half of the time hence cost saving up to 2 lacs per drive. For lateral hiring technical team spends lots of time from their live projects to screen candidates while in same time they can add more value and hence money to the company. With our Platform technical team don't need to put time to screen candidates.
Companies recruitment team love ConceptNinjas